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90 minute
Power Session:

A 90-minute power life coaching session is designed to be concise yet impactful, focusing on key areas of personal development within a shorter timeframe.

Power Session

Here are three main features of a 90 minute Power Session:


1. Rapid Goal Clarification: The session would begin with a quick but thorough exploration of your goals and aspirations. I would help you identify your most pressing objectives and clarify what you want to achieve within the session and beyond. This process may involve prioritising goals and honing in on the most important areas for immediate focus.


2. Targeted Problem-Solving: With limited time available, we would quickly identify any obstacles, challenges, or limiting beliefs that are hindering your progress. Rather than delving deeply into each issue, the focus would be on identifying actionable solutions and strategies to address them efficiently. I would use powerful questioning techniques to help shift your perspective and break through barriers.


3. Action-Oriented Planning: Building on the insights gained from goal clarification and problem-solving, we would collaboratively develop a concise action plan with clear steps to move forward. Emphasis would be placed on prioritising high-impact actions that can be implemented immediately to create momentum and drive progress towards your goals. The action plan would be structured and time-bound, ensuring accountability and providing a roadmap for you to follow after the session.


Overall, a 90-minute power session is focused on delivering rapid results by quickly addressing key goals, overcoming obstacles, and developing actionable strategies for forward momentum.

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