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Thrive in Midlife Coaching:
6 Weeks - £300

(Payment plans available)

As a life coach, personal trainer, and nutrition coach who's currently navigating midlife herself, I understand the complexities of navigating this pivotal stage of life. Through personalised coaching, I support individuals to rediscover their passions, redefine their goals, and prioritise self-care, in midlife and beyond!


Here are some of the key features that Midlife Coaching might include:

Self Reflection

Self-reflection is thinking about your life goals, what's important to you, and what you've accomplished so far. By asking thoughtful questions and doing activities, I support you in figuring out what matters most to you and what you'd still like to achieve in life.

Identity Exploration

Identity exploration entails delving into personal identity and redefining roles and priorities in midlife. Through exploration exercises and discussions, we examine your sense of self, values, and beliefs, empowering you to embrace your evolving identity and align your actions with your authentic self.

Relationship Dynamics

Together we explore changes in relationships with partners, children, and aging parents while we navigate midlife. I provide guidance on communication challenges, resolving conflicts, and building healthy relationships to support you in maintaining meaningful connections with loved ones.

Navigating Menopause

I provide support and resources to help clients navigate the physical and emotional changes associated with menopause. By offering education, symptom management strategies, and nutritional support, I empower clients to manage menopausal symptoms and prioritise their health and well-being during this life transition.

Midlife Transition Support

I provide guidance and assistance in managing life changes and transitions unique to midlife. Whether it's empty nest syndrome, career shifts, or personal upheavals, I offer strategies and resources to help you adapt to change, cope with challenges, and embrace new opportunities.

Career Assessment

Career assessment involves evaluating career satisfaction and exploring opportunities for growth or change in midlife. By assessing skills, interests, and values, I help you identify potential career paths, set goals, and develop strategies to pursue fulfilling professional opportunities.

Fitness & Nutrition

I focus on promoting physical and mental well-being through personalised fitness and nutrition coaching. By developing tailored exercise programs and providing nutritional guidance, I can empower you to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, manage weight, and optimise overall health during midlife.

Intentional Living

Intentional living in midlife is about making conscious decisions that contribute to a meaningful and fulfilling life during this pivotal stage. Whether it's pursuing personal passions, nurturing relationships, or embracing new opportunities, intentional living empowers individuals to navigate midlife with clarity, purpose, and authenticity, ensuring that each day is lived with mindfulness and intentionality.

What Our Clients Say

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Lisa M.

"Choosing Lesley was one of the best decisions I've made. Her personalised approach and genuine commitment to my success have been invaluable! With Lesley’s help, I've overcome obstacles and embraced a fulfilling life journey. Thank you for believing in me!"
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